I have been working in the web sector for 8 years, my passion is about the marketplace, Amazon and Ebay are my favourites! These two platforms have been the bases to understand the needs of the market and the businesses.

With the experience, I realized that lots of companies don’t know where to start from to get sponsored on the web because they are unconscious of how the market works and how to properly invest their time and resources.

A market analysis is the solution: they give you the chance to have a detailed vision on where the competitors invest their capital and which ones are the research volumes of the specific markets.

These are the motivations that pushed me to do an analysis before entering the web world. Without a prior research you would leap into the void and you will never know where you are going to land.

Something that I never hide, is my passion for the discovery of new cultures, new countries and being in contact with other people. My unforgettable travels have been to London, Morocco, Sicily (to discover my origins and the tastes of this beautiful land) and the most important and fascinating of all of them, Mexico!