Gianluca, professional cyclist. I needed to abandon my career due to a big real estate crisis some years ago. My dad, owner of a business in the property market, left me in charge of the business. Even after that, I have been able to revive it after one of the darkest periods in the story of the brick.

In 2010 I studied cnc programming and cnc machines. After Cycling, my first occupation was within this sector. I was an employee in an engineering robotic sector I was personally managing and programming the machines.

After this period as an employee, I decided to evolve myself and I became an attorney of the family business. At that time, I was in charge of the property sale, communication, legal issues and contractual.

From here I rolled up my sleeves and course after course I specialized in marketing and communication.

After the pandemic and after exchanges of ideas, I have decided to depart and embark on this new business. My goal is to help other companies to communicate efficiently in the world of the web, thanks to the experience that I have grown in the previous businesses.

Together, with my clients, I plan the strategies to make the business grown and the advertising investments.

As you could imagine, cycling is my first passion, I love travelling and collecting wines.