I’m Irene, a digital designer. I’m in charge of the communication part, regarding the digital graphic for every kind of client. My main role is as art director, but I do as well UI/UX design, content strategy and photography, especially in the food sector, of which I am very passionate.

I am a very curious and creative person, I love learning and I’m never tired of it.

If I have to describe myself with a word, I will define myself a traveller. I like the movement and the travel as physic and mental and that’s what makes me happy. The first one makes me discover new places and break my routine and turn on my curiosity. The second one, is the one that I carry out daily in my job, from the initial programmation to the final realization.

The most important thing I have learned is that in my job there are two souls: strategy and creativity and my job is to make them coexist perfectly every day.

My creative career began in primary school with small decoupage works and because of that my passion for graphics and art grew. I have attended a Technic Institute of graphic and communication and in July 2019 I got a degree in Digital Communication Design.

During these 3 years I have explored different sectors of communication, and I got very excited about digital art directing and content strategy, that is literally creating contents for the digital profiles of the businesses.

As of today, I have finished a stage as art director for Leo Burnett, a multinational agency of communication and I am ready to embrace new challenges, curious to see where my destiny will bring me and the passion that I have for this job.